A heartfelt song of self reflection intended on bringing joy to myself and others


I took a good look at my heart
I dumped it out on the bar
All that I know turned the pieces blue
So I took out my brush
And I cleaned them up good
To see what was left to restore
If I should open that door
The true inspiration the need
To paint them back red

My pallet’s believing that some day I can be free
But the colors I’m using to cover well they’re not for me
And I can’t reveal it until it’s complete

I played a good time in a song
I know the chords all by heart
And I played them sweet
But the words that I sing tend to hide
The melody true
So I took out my pen
and I wrote them down new
The words that I wrote turned the sky true blue
But all I could see was the clouds that turn them back gray

My words are the only wisdom I can impart
If not a direction at least it’s somewhere to start
To bring back the sunshine in this old heart